College will start with first period at 9 A.M. (both in summer and winter). Attendance will be taken in each period. To become eligible for university examination a student is required to attend 75% of the lectures delivered in each paper. Leave taken on any ground during the academic session will not help the student in condonation of lectures. So students who take leave on medical or marriage etc. grounds will run the risk of lecture shortage. After the end of each month, lecture record of each student in each paper will be displayed on the notice board. Each student is supposed to see this chart and for any error, he/she should contact the concerned teacher immediately and get the error rectified.


The education is a future investment. The main objective of any institution of excellence is not only to provide a healthy quality education, but also to prepare the future citizens for globally compatible skills. This institution not only excels in the field of Teacher Education but it is also very high rated in the field of needs of the society. The college has established a Educational Clinic/Placement Cell under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Deepika Kohli, M.Com, M.A(Psy),M.Ed. UGC (Edu.). Curriculum vitae of the students is a collected at the end of the session and a proper record of placements is kept. There is a hundred per cent placements for M.Ed. students of our college.


“If we are ignorant we are so, by choice, when there is a library within a walkable distance, with a store house of wisdom and knowledge”. To inculcate habit of self study the college has a well equipped library, with more than 22 thousand volumes. Apart from text books, there are encyclopaedias, research journals, monographs, dissertations (M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.), magazines and news papers. The students are expected to make maximum use of the library. To keep the books in circulation and make them available to all students the withdrawl of books will be governed by the following rules.B.Ed. 3 books at a time. M.Ed. 4 books at a time. Staff 8 books at a time.These books must be renewed after two weeks and four weeks by the students and staff respectively. When you borrow the books from the library check them thoroughly, after you have got them issued in your name then it is your responsibility to return them in proper form. Don’t underline the pages or disfigure them. Disfigured books will not be accepted by the Librarian and you will have to replace them. Each student will be issued a library cum identity card, which the students will always keep in person. In case this card is lost, duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs.50.


Apart from best performance in sports, curricular activities, academic performance, skill in teaching, special Prizes are awarded to those students who maintain 100 per cent attendance in all papers or in a particular paper.


Students who get first position in the university/college in B.Ed/M.Ed. classes, will be awarded a certificate of merit and gold medals. The gold medals have been initiated in the memory of late Prof. Balwinder Kaur of this college who died in a road accident.


The fee will be charged in two installments:
(i)     Ist Installment:At the time of Admission i.e.July/August
(ii)    IInd Installment :During the mid-session i.e.Nov.15th to Dec.15th


Full fee will be reimbursed to those students who stand first in B.Ed or in the M.Ed or in the University Examinations.Half fee concession is available to really deserving students admitted to B.Ed./M.Ed. courses. The students will have to apply to the Principal through their tutors for this concession. The criterion of granting this help will be merit cum means basis.


All scholarships, which are granted by the State and Central Governments are made available to the deserving students, Students belonging to SC/ST/BC classes will get all financial benefits, which are granted by the State Govt., provided valid documents are furnished in time.


This is centrally sponsored non-plan scheme, under this scheme students belonging to schedule caste/schedule tribes are given scholarships. The family income limit for eligibility under this scheme is Rs.2 Lacs. A students already getting a scholarship under any other scheme cannot avail scholarship under this scheme. 1. Conditions of Eligibility: The student must belong to SC/ST and annual income of student’s family must not exceed Rs.2 Lacs. The affidiavit regarding income submitted by student’s father or guardian must be in original and attested by the excutive magistrate. The application for scholarship must be accompanished by photostate copies of the last examinationpassed and the caste certificate. Scholarship is given on the once for a class.2. Fees : According to the Govt. of India letter No. 11017/01/2008-SCD/B Dated 13/01/2011, the SC/ST students whose parents/ guardians have annual income not exceeding Rs. 2 Lac shall not be charged tutition fee and non-refundable compulsory fees (such as fees for admission, registration, tution, sports, union, library, magazine, medical, examination and such fees as are compulsory charge by the concerened institution or university) at the time of admission, compensation for these fees will be made by the government to the heads of these institutions.

Some Do's and Dont's

Account number should be numeric filledDo not write any alphabets or symbols in the Account No. field.
IFSC Code be should be of 11 digits, first 4
characters are alphabets and last 7 are numeric.
Do not write bank name along with IFSC.. code, on the 11
digits should be mentioned in this field.
Also mention complete name and address of the
bank in separate column.
Ensure that Zero do not get deleted for the Account starting
from -0-.
Capture the name and address of the institutes in
the separate column
Re-check the cell format while saving the file 
For detailed information : students are advised to visit Govt. official website


At the time of admission each student is allotted a tutorial group and a house. The purpose of tutorials is to bring the students and teachers in close contact. The students can discuss the personal and academic problems with their tutors. All leave applications should be got recommended from the concerned tutors. The tutorial groups will meet once a week. In the tutorials the students will undertake all the activities as specified by the tutors, which will be notified from time to time. All B.Ed. students will be put in 8 tutorial groups and 4 houses. Two tutorial groups will be combined to form a house. The houses have been named as :-

1.      Mahatma Gandhi House                                 for (M.Ed.) only
2.      Tagore House           
3.      Radhakrishnan House            
4.      John Dewey House                                            for (B.Ed.) only
5.      Frobel House             
6.      Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam House
7.      Thomas Alwa Edison House                          for PGDCA(T.E.) only

There will be inter house competitions including cultural activities.
The best house of the year will be awarded a running trophy and a flag.


The students who show a real talent in cultural activities will get ample opportunities to compete with students of other colleges. However, the talent will be identified through tutorial and house competitions.


1.      Identification of good speakers.
2.      Folksongs, geet, gazal, monoacting, histronics.
3.      Shabad/Bhajan.
4.      Identification of good writers (Paragraph writing and essay competition)
5.      Handwriting and B.B. writing competitions.
6.      Playing of musical instruments, Tabla, Harmonium, Sitar etc.
7.      Campus cleanliness drives.
8.      Quiz competitions, general and based upon B.Ed. course subjects.
9.      Preparation of charts/models or posters on specific themes, like: Aids, Drugs addiction, Smoking, Drinking etc.
10.   Rangoli, flower arrangement and salad preparation competitions.

Tutorial periods will be held regularly through out the year. All tutors will maintain a record of the activities undertaken by each student. The inter-house competitions will be organized in the afore-stated activities. At the end of the session the best house will be declared on the basis of participation in activities listed above.

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