A day commencing with submission, provides us internal strength and courage to speak the truth. In view of this philosophy, the college provides experience to the students. This assembly is held every Saturday by the different houses. Morning Assembly provides the students a forum to deviate from the routine and get training in organizing functions in the schools. The house leaders will be responsible for preparation and smooth conduct of this function. The tutors/house incharge will be available to the students for guidance in sequencing the programme. These functions will be indicators of organizing ability of the students and self-discipline. At the end of the session, the best house, declared on the basis of over all performance throughout the year, will be awarded a running trophy and the leader of this house will be asked to handover the house flag and trophy in a special function to the house during the new academic session.


On every college function and on all the Saturdays (in the Morning Assemblies) Uniform is Compulsory for all the Students. The Uniform will be as under :

Turban, Sweater, Pull-Over, BlazerMaroon
DupattaGolden Yellow
Sweater, Cardigan, BlazerNavi Blue

On all the religious functions and during the recitation of College Shabad “Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ehe” all the non-turbaned students will cover their heads with white hankerchiefs.


Picnic and Tours are important for inculcating sense of self discipline, spirit of cooperation and self-help. The college provides this opportunity to the students by organizing such activities. Other functions which will be organized by the active involvement of the students and guidance of concerned teacher-in-charge are :- (i) Inter-school declamation/symposium contest. (ii) Poster, Teaching-aids, B.B. writing and skill-in-teaching competitions. (iii) Cultural programme including inter-house competitions.


In the beginning of the session there will be a welcome cultural function, `SWAGAT’ and at the end of the session there will be a parting cultural function `JASHAN’.


To boost Educational Research in Punjab the College has start Quarterly Journal on Educational Research. It will help Colleges of Education in Punjab in knowing the latest innovations and developments in the field of Education. The College has been regularly bringing out four editions of quarterly journal in the months of January, April, July and October.


1.      At the time of admission each student is issued a library cum identity card. Always keep this card in person. It can be checked at any time.
2.      The college will start at 9 A.M. All students should be punctual. Students who are coming from far off places should make their own arrangement for staying at Amritsar. No excuse will be entertained for their coming late to the college.
3.      Do not miss your periods when you are present in the college. If you do so, you will be identified and action will be taken against you.
4.      If you have an urgent work at home get leave from the college. Leave upto two days will be sanctioned by your tutor and for more than two days get your leave sanctioned from the Principal, but it should be recommended by the Tutor.
5.      The medical leave will be granted by the Principal. This leave application should be supported by a valid medical certificate, and recommended by the Tutor.
6.      Take care that you have attended 75 per cent lectures in each subject, failing which your admission for the university examination will be with held. So after every month ask your teachers for your attendance record.
7.      Take house test, because your internal assessment will mainly depend upon your performance in these tests.
8.      See the notice board daily. No Excuse will be entertained if a student fails to read any important notice. The consequences of this negligence will rest upon the student. Don’t remove any notice from the notice board, which has been put up by the college. Such students, if identified, will be fined or liable to disciplinary action.
9.      Don’t hold any meeting without the permission of the Principal.
10.   Actively participate in all activities of the college, so that your teachers can help you in identifying your talents. Always keep perfect discipline and decorum.
11.   Don’t put up any notice on the Notice Board without the permission of the Principal.
12.   On every college function and Saturday the students will come in proper uniform.
If a student at the time of admission is without an eligibility certificate he/she will be provisionally admitted. Such students are required to submit the eligibility certificate immediately. If a student fails to produce the said certificate within stipulated period, with without late fee his/her admission will be automatically stand cancelled. The entire responsibility will be of the concerned student.
1.      The programme given in the handbook will be adhered to, unless there are unavoidable circumstances.
2.      Human resources, infrastructural facilities, number of seats available for B.Ed./M.Ed.,
subject combinations offered are subject to change keeping in view NCTE Norms and Standards.

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